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Midtown Medical Clinic Uncategorized Your results, your immunisation history

Your results, your immunisation history

At Midtown Medical Clinic we are strong supporters of the My Health Record, a centralised record of your medical history accessible by you and your nominated health professionals.

Unless you have opted out, you will have a My Health Record. You access your My Health Record via your MyGov account.

If you contact us for a copy of any results, or a copy of your immunisation history, we will upload it directly to your My Health Record. It is then permanently available to you and anyone you wish to share the information with.

In most cases your results will appear under the Event Summary section of your My Health Record, your immunisation history will appear under your Shared Health Summary.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly administration team on 96509372 or 9650 4284.