Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you to the more than 750 of you who recently completed our post appointment survey.

We always love to hear your feedback and at least once very three years we conduct a comprehensive survey to find out exactly what you think of our service.

Our goal is to keep improving and you are in the best position to tell us how.

We also love to hear if we're doing well, and we make sure our staff hear about it!

We are very proud to report that your feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

You said we are welcoming, professional and courteous, that we listen and explain and are aware of your health status and needs.

Thank you.

You also told us where we can improve. 

We've listened and we're doing our best to make some changes:

  • We've put more chairs in our central waiting room and we're making more of an effort to direct to the other waiting areas within our practice, closer to where your consultation will be.
  • We're working harder at reception to make sure we ring and let you know if your practitioner is running behind.  You've told us you love the fact that we're accommodating, that we listen and take the time to understand your health concerns and needs, but you also told us understandably, that you don't love it when we run behind. We'll never stop listening if you need us so we're going to work on getting better at letting you know when we're going to keep you waiting.  You can certainly help us by making sure you book a longer appointment if you have more than one issue to discuss or if you simply think what you want to discuss will take longer.
  • We're making a greater effort to let you know why we must ask you so many questions when you attend your appointment.  Some of you are concerned that we ask your name, date of birth and address when you arrive.  To meet strict accreditation standards, and to help ensure optimal medical care, we have to ask you these questions.  We must check we have your up-to-date details and even more importantly we must make sure we have booked in the right person!  Surprisingly often in General Practices around Australia the wrong patient is booked in, attended and consulted - a potential life threatening situation.  So to make sure we never do this, we ask.  But we will do it better.  We'll do our best to do it quietly, we'll give you the option of showing us your driver's licence and we'll also direct you to our check in iPads.  Your privacy is vitally important to us too.

So thank you once again to everyone who completed the survey and provided us with feedback.

If you missed out on the post appointment survey, and would like to provide us with your thoughts, please email us and a questionnaire can be forwarded to you.  We would love to hear from you too!