Preventative Health Reminders now via SMS!

SMS preventative health reminders at Midtown Medical Clinic

At Midtown Medical Clinic we are pleased to advise that preventative health reminders that have traditionally been posted will now be sent securely via SMS to your mobile phone.

On the day your preventative health reminder is due, for example an immunisation, a repeat blood test, a blood pressure check or a pap smear you will receive a message from us. When you enter some details that confirm your identity you will be taken to a secure site that advises you what your reminder is for.

You can then simply phone us on 9650 4284 to arrange an appointment or book online with your preferred practitioner.

Please also make sure you let us know if ever your mobile phone number changes.

Of course if you would prefer not to receive SMS reminders, please don't hesitate to let us know on 9650 4284 or via email to our Practice Manager.

We look forward to continuing to look after your health!