Changes to codeine-containing medication.

As from the 1st of February 2018 codeine containing medicine will no longer be available without a prescription.

See here for more information.

Are you contagious?

Do you believe you are suffering from a contagious condition?  Do you have a fever?

Please let us know when you book an appointment or when you arrive.  We may need to place you in a separate waiting area to minimise the risk to you and other patients.

Waiting times

Whilst our doctors always endeavour to run to time it is often a difficult balance.  Should any patient require more time, and scheduling another appointment is not appropriate, our doctors will give the time required.  

If time is critical, we would suggest booking the first appointment of the day, or the first appointment after lunch - barring any emergency you certainly have an improved chance of being seen on time! 

Our administrative staff do attempt to advise all patients when they book an appointment if their doctor may run behind and phone you if they are behind.  As a backup we also suggest that you phone 30 minutes prior to your appointment to check how the doctor is going.  

We also endeavour to  advise you when you arrive how long your wait may be.  

Please do ask us when you book if your doctor tends to run behind, and also when you arrive, how long your wait may be.

Who are you?

Correct patient identification is vital.  To make sure we have the correct person booked in, and treat the right person, please identify yourself when you come in.  No matter how well we know you, please state your name, date of birth and address to our reception staff.  This is also a great way for us to ensure we have all of your up to date details! 

We are also mindful that your privacy is important and you may prefer not to verbalise your details. 

This is one of the reasons we now have our check in iPads. 

You can check in for your appointment and in process your details are confirmed.  Try our check in iPads at your next visit!

Have you recently returned from overseas?

Have you visited West Africa , Democratic Republic of Congo or a country where there is a current Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in the last 21 days?

Do you have a fever or rash or cough or shortness of breath or chest pain or contact with a known case of Ebola virus.

If you answer Yes or are Unsure to these questions please contact us immediately on 9650 4284.

We request that you DO NOT ATTEND THE CLINIC without seeking prior advice from us.