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Midtown Medical Clinic Uncategorized Coronavirus (COVID-19) Clearance Certificate

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Clearance Certificate

Recently, we have had an increase in requests for COVID-19 clearance certificates, in order to return to work.

According to the Victorian Department of Health, as at 27/04/2020, anyone who has respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, irritated or sore throat, recent loss of smell, runny nose, no matter how mild, should be tested. We recommend you attend one of the below listed testing locations, or one of the respiratory clinics which are available for online booking here. You must self-isolate while awaiting your test result.

  • Albury Wodonga Health 02 6058 4444
  • Alfred Hospital Phone 9076 2000
  • Austin Hospital Phone 9496 5000
  • Ballarat Base Hospital Phone 5320 4000
  • Bendigo Hospital Phone 5454 6000
  • Box Hill Hospital Phone 8804 9999
  • Casey Hospital Phone 8768 1200
  • Echuca Hospital Phone 5485 5000
  • Kyneton District Health Phone 5422 9900
  • Monash Medical Centre Clayton Phone 9594 6666
  • Northern Hospital Phone 8405 8000
  • Peninsula Health Frankston Phone 9784 7777
  • Philip Island Health Hub Phone 5951 2100
  • Royal Children’s Hospital Phone 9345 5522
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital Phone 9342 7009
  • Sunshine Hospital Phone 8345 1333
  • Wonthaggi Hospital Phone 5671 3333

Testing is also considered for those at high risk to the community (e.g. health care workers) in the absence of respiratory symptoms.

There is no current recommendation, nor the resources, to test patients who are asymptomatic. As a result, a definitive clearance for COVID-19 cannot be provided for people presenting without symptoms.

The guidelines for testing are continuing to change. We encourage employers to keep up to date with the current guidelines that will assist in determining which staff members need to be isolated and sent for testing to ensure the safety of all employees and the wider community. The current guidelines can be found on the Victoria Health Department website.

Prevention is of course the best option, and education regarding proper hand-washing techniques, cough etiquette and minimising hand-to-hand and hand-to-face contact is paramount. It is also recommended by the Health Department to consider influenza vaccination.

If you require further confirmation of the above guidelines, there is a “Coronavirus Hotline” available on 1800 675 398.